Regal Prince Oak

Regal Prince Oak
Quercus robur x bicolor ‘Long’ P.P. 12673

Globehead European AshAs much as we all want tree canopy spread in our cities, trees with columnar form tend to fit more easily in many of our urban spaces.  Another new selection with this attribute is the Regal Prince Oak.  This is yet another alternative to the common red maples, green ash and sweetgum trees that are on every other landscape plan.

Regal Prince Oak is tidy, formal and dense with a strong upright crown growth and dominant central leader. Ultimate height is up to 45’ tall by approximately 20 feet wide.  Leaves are bright green and shiny on top and silvery gray underneath, narrower at the base.  They have rounded lobes with a clean fresh appearance through the summer.  Narrow acorns turn lime green and can be quite attractive.  Leaves and acorns eventually turn brown and can hang on through the winter.

This tree is reported to tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, including both wet and dry soils.  The Delaware Center for Horticulture also says this tree is drought tolerant and not significantly impacted by road salts and soil compaction, and said to be very urban tolerant.  Hardiness zone is 4 to 8. Regal Prince is said to be Mildew resistant with a moderate to slow growth rate eventually forming a near perfect silhouette, and having a very long life span.

Ease of transplant is likely similar to the two oak species crossed to produce this tree, both of which are good.   However, providing a dense fibrous root system, keeping it moist and proper planting always play an important role in establishing any new tree. 

Fall color is not just yellow, but a dark golden yellow, so you will not be disappointed.  It can appear to glow on a warm sunny fall day.  Let me know if you have seen a mature specimen or have any experience with this tree.

Let me know if you have seen a mature specimen or have any experience with this tree.

Jim Barborinas
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