“Through the years I have appreciated the customer service I have received from Jim and his team at Urban Forest Nursery.  Anytime I need a quick quote or idea of turn around time on an order, Stacey has been knowledgeable and fast to respond.  When I have stopped by the Nursery on my way through the area, Jim has been very generous with his time and stepped away from what he was doing to walk the property with me in order to give me a more in-depth knowledge of the trees they are growing and the trees he is excited about.  The guys in the field are extremely helpful in getting our trees loaded and tied down.  The grow bags are easy to work with and I know I am going to consistently get a quality product.  Overall, I have been very pleased with the Urban Forest Nursery team and will continue to work with them in the future.”
-Bob Bailey, City of Oak Harbor, Parks Arborist

“This Garry Oak came from your nursery 2.5 years ago in 2.5″ caliper (now 2.9″). I planted it to be the centerpiece of my back yard. It looked fine last year…but this year, wow. It is looking amazing. If only every tree I planted could do this well! Thanks for promoting this great species and thanks (to you and your staff) for growing great trees!”
Allen Taylor, Conservation Tree Care, Founder

“Urban Forest Nursery is the go-to place for quality grown trees. The fact that their trees are grown in root control grow-bags ensures that there will be no circling roots. The growbags have made the trees more compact, so you can fit more trees in a single trip without the threat of the root ball falling apart during transit. You can tell that Jim and Stacey both love what they do, and they are so much fun to sit and talk trees with. Jim is an absolute legend in the tree game and a guru when talking all things trees. I very much enjoy doing business with them and are some of my favorite people to work with. After years of growing trees and trying many different cultivars, they now have it down to an art and a science. You can be confident that a tree bought from Urban Forest Nursery will far outlive your great grandchildren and will become the show piece of any garden, landscape, or roadway. 10/10.”
-Oskar Kollen, Western Washington University, Lead Gardener

“We’ve purchased hundreds of trees from Urban Forest Nursery for planting in our City parks. Stacey is so friendly, helpful, and communicative. She helps us get exactly what we need when we need it. Their quality of trees is exceptional and unmatched. It’s clear Jim understands what urban foresters are looking for – including strong branch structure and a healthy root system. Thank you Urban Forest Nursery for helping to green Seattle!”
-Emily Hanson, City of Seattle, Parks & Recreation

“Urban Forest Nursery grows and supplies high quality trees- they provide an excellent selection of varieties, as well as super responsive customer service. We hope to do business with them for many years to come!
-Claire Kinley, SiteOne Landscape Supply

“Urban Forest Nursery is hands down my go to tree supplier in the Pacific Northwest. In an ever-changing world of gimmicks and industry short cuts,  Jim Barborinas brings his decades of knowledge to the forefront and only uses tried and true BMP’s, and it shows in his products. The species selection, the quality of tree crown and root structure and the assurance of a tree that has been properly grown from day one, is what brings me back to Mount Vernon time and time again.”
-Ben Roberts, ISA Certified Arborist

We have been purchasing our street trees from Urban for over 20 years. Jim has a niche with the “root control bags”. We opt for these trees for their ease of planting and structured root systems. No more weak root ball systems mean less mortality! Stacey and staff are extremely knowledgeable and prompt to reply to our needs. Jim has always been my  “go to” when I have a complex tree question and he is always happy to help. Urban trees are A++!
-Teri Oosterwyk & Nicole Ballew,  Out West Landscape

“As the City Forester responsible for sourcing and purchasing trees for Renton WA, I have been working with UFN for the past few years. Not only are the root-bag-grown trees a superior product with great establishment success rates along our streets and in our parks, but the staff and owners are a treat to work with. I highly recommend their products and services.”
-Ian Gray, City of Renton, Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Manager

I would like to thank you, on behalf of our organization, for the wonderful trees we purchased from your nursery this spring for our parking lot.  Buying trees sight unseen could have produced disappointing results. Instead, the trees are beautiful beyond our wildest expectations and better than we could have hoped for! It is amazing how big they are on arrival- no waiting for shade; we will have it this summer!  We bought these trees to replace six others that had to be removed because they ruined our parking lot. Even though those trees caused us very expensive problems, we were crushed to have to cut them down, and it was a very traumatic experience for our staff and membership. However, replanting the Flowering Crabapples was the exact opposite of that. Everyone that came to the store the day we were planting stopped to admire them, and there were big smiles all around.  We feel confident that your expertise helped us make a more appropriate species selection this time around. The trees fit in perfectly and look like they’ve been with us forever.  Everyone absolutely loves them.  Thanks again for all your help; feel free to use us as a reference, and know that we will definitely be talking you up here in Olympia!”
Ami Greenberg, Facilities Coordinator, Olympia Food Co-op

“Urban Forest Nursery is our go to stop during our busy planting season. They have a wide variety of selections that meet our requirements for good street and park trees. We often rely on Stacey to help with our selection and provide suggestions that meet our needs. Proper management of our urban forest is increasingly important, and it begins with skilled nursery care. We can depend on Urban Forest Nursery to provide this care and knowledge as they help improve our larger urban forest and environment.”
-City of Bellingham, Parks Department Tree Team

“Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. is a valuable tool in our Park Department’s Urban Forestry toolbox.  Jim and his staff’s expertise, service, and along with their high quality nursery stock, go above and beyond in assisting us, as we continue to develop a successful urban forestry program for the City of Mount Vernon.”
James Weppler, Operations Supervisor, City of Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation