Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale tree nursery located in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington State.  The company specializes in high quality street and landscape trees; primarily selling to city planners, landscape contractors, and housing developers.


Why You Should Buy Our “Root Ready” Trees

  1. Grown in the ground in fabric grow bags, our trees have the most prolific and dense root system per square inch of root ball. 
  2. Tree establishment and growth are faster and more successful because of the above.
  3. Most are “Root Ready” to plant with few if any circling roots.
  4. Most of our trees have branch structure that starts around 5 feet above grade, so corrective pruning is minimal.
  5. Trees are continually pruned to maintain a single leader and even branching.
  6. Root-balls in fabric grow bags are relatively smaller so you can ship more at a time.
  7. Grow bag root balls are easier to lift, move about, and plant without using heavy equipment.
  8. Fabric grow bag rootballs are more solid, and can be stored more successfully for longer periods before planting.
  9. Digging and preparing fabric grow bag grown trees for customers is relatively faster than B&B dug trees so time between your request to pickup is shorter.

What are “Root Ready” Trees?

“Root Ready” trees are trees grown so that little if any root cutting or manipulation is required upon installation. “Root Ready” trees saves time for the planter and helps trees to establish and grow more quickly.  Most, but not all trees that we grow in fabric grow bags are “Root Ready”.  Not all are “Root Ready” yet because the roots of different tree species react differently to different fabrics.  We are on a mission to better identify the best fabrics for the different tree species that we are growing so that all of our trees are “Root Ready”.  Your feedback is always appreciated.

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