Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale tree nursery located in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington State.  The company specializes in high quality street and landscape trees; primarily selling to city planners, landscape contractors, and housing developers.


Both our Teams at Urban Forest Nursery and Urban Forestry Services| Bartlett Consulting are proud to announce our first funding of the Barborinas Family Grant to Dr. Amanda Bayer of University of Massachusetts – Amhurst for tree research through the TREE Fund.  Our grant, now to be awarded every two years for up to $10,000 in perpetuity is directed to fund research on the improved production of nursery grown landscape trees.   Annie and I have been long time members, participants, supporters and gifters to the TREE Fund and there is no way we could have done this without the past support and success of both companies that we are a part of.   As a longtime Consulting Arborist as well as a tree grower, I have seen how production methods can have a huge impact on the successful establishment of landscape trees.   I know we can do better and we hope research like this can improve the effort to improve our urban forests!  Go to treefund.org for more information.

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Jim & Annie Barborinas, owners of UFN, Inc., began growing trees in 1995, starting with a small rented field just a few miles from the current nursery.  There are now 32 planted acres with over 180 varieties!

At Urban Forest Nursery, Inc.  trees are specifically selected and grown for characteristics that complement the limited planting spaces and adverse conditions typical of urban planting sites today. From Jim’s knowledge of growing trees, he is particularly adamant about soil preparation and proper tree selection regarding location, installation and maintenance.

UFN, Inc. trees are sold to brokers and contractors, but also directly to the cities of Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellevue, Everett, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Hoquiam, and others. Trees are also shipped to British Columbia and Alaska.

The knowledge and experience of growing hundreds of old and new varieties, provides Jim with valuable information when selecting, planting and maintaining these trees in the landscape. He encourages anyone in the industry to take time to visit the nursery, learn more about the multiple varieties available and understand the importance of diversity of their use in the landscape.

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