Sales Policy


For New Customers (with no UFN Credit History):
Cash or Check on Delivery/Pick-Up, ACH through Online Quickbooks or Credit/Debit Card(3.75% fee applies)

For Existing Customers in Good Standing Upon UFN Credit Application Approval:
Net 30
*Customer with terms will remain in good standing unless 2 late payments are made.  Credit terms may be reestablished after 5 successfully paid-on-time orders.


Single Order Discounts:
$5000-$9,999 = 5%
$10,000 and up = 10%

High-Value Customer Discounts:
Once a customer reaches cumulative purchases of $15,000 in a fiscal year, every subsequent purchase will be discounted at 10% (regardless of subsequent purchase amount).

Total annual purchases per customer will be reviewed on an annual basis.  Customers reaching cumulative purchases of $15,000 in a year will continue to receive this discount until annual purchases no longer reach $15,000.

*Discounts are voided if invoice is not paid on time for customers with credit terms.


Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. will gladly hold inventory for customers who are not ready to take immediate delivery.  The following is our policy for order holds:

If tree pick-up date is less than 1 month from order date, no deposit required.
If tree pick-up date is 1-3 months from order date, 25% non-refundable deposit required.
If tree pick-up date is greater than 3 months from order date, 50% non-refundable deposit required.

*Note: If deposits are not made within 30 days of order date, we will re-stock held inventory. Sizes are estimated and may be adjusted at time of pick-up if on hold longer than 30 days, prices will be adjusted accordingly.


A $7.50 Summer Dig Preparation fee (per tree) is applied to all orders picked up in the Spring (May) when they start to leaf out until September (or when the Summer Dig Preparation is no longer necessary).


Once order has been confirmed and trees dug, a restocking fee of 25% will be charged if trees are no longer needed by the customer.

CUSTOM/CONTRACT GROWING SERVICES AVAILABLE – contact us for terms and conditions

**Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. reserves the right to change and/or discontinue the above Sales Policies at any time, with or without notification.