Tschonoskii Flowering Crab

Tschonoskii Flowering Crab
Malus ‘Tschonoskii’
Tschonoskii Flowering Crab Fall ColorIf you are not familiar with the Tschonoskii Flowering Crab by now, you should definitely put it on your list of trees to check out. This tree has some fine attributes that make it stand out, and should certainly be special enough to get on your street tree list. The relatively consistent red fall color is especially striking, and it is the only crab I can think of with such a brilliant fall color. The tree also has very upright growth, important for a street tree, and somewhat unusual for a flowering crab. With ascending limbs, the mature shape appears to maintain a relatively narrow form into maturity. Branch attachment appears good on a strong central leader. Because of its ultimate height, Tschonoskii does not appear to be a tree that is proper to grow directly under power lines, but offset to either side should work.

Emerging leaves are frosty white surrounding fat light pink flower buds opening to white petals; not spectacular, but nice up close. Disease resistance is said to be good, but I have seen a little scab in the nursery. The more open and airy the site, the better.

Tschonoskii Flowering Crab LeafI have been told that the fruit can be a bit of a nuisance. The crab apples are larger than a marble, but in a wide enough planting bed, the other qualities should make up for it. For some reason, most of the street tree applications I have seen have been fruitless.  Others have reported the same. I am always looking for more narrow upright growing trees and this is another one to remember.

As always, let me know your experiences with Tschonoskii Flowering Crab.

Jim Barborinas
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