Technical RecommendationsExample of Tree Preservation

Our experience in arboriculture has given us a wealth of knowledge and insight into various techniques and issues involving tree care, and we would like to share these with our site visitors.

Over time, we will post articles for public use, which will be linked below.  Anyone is welcome to review them for their personal use, to use them for public discussion, or to provide feedback to me regarding these recommendations.  We only ask that, if using or referring to these recommendations publicly, you state the source.

Please note, our recommendations are based on long experience, but no technique is applicable in every situation, and arboriculture is not an exact science with perfectly-predictable results.  Therefore, you may not experience the intended results using these techniques.  Please use your own judgment in applying our recommendations to your particular situation.  We cannot accept any responsibility for any problems of any kind that may arise from use of these recommendations.

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General Tree-Planting Recommendations
The Critical Root Zone

Trees for Limited Spaces
Tree Canteen
Using Appraised Tree Value to Protect Trees
Using Time Tracker for Consultants
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